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2019-20 Events and Outings

September - 2019 - Sanborn County Park 


A PERFECT first outing of the year, in so many ways. There was time for advancement which many of the newer scouts took advantage of.  It was a great overnight. 

October - 2019 - Cutter Wilderness Survival & Orienteering


The Wilderness Survival and Orienteering Outing was a huge success with many scouts in attendance.  The Scouts got to work right away building their shelters for the night, with a buddy or two or next to some buddies.  There was plenty of stuff out there in the woods to use!   There was a lot of variety to the structures the Scouts chose to build, some of them very classic style shelters and nicely, structurally sound and some of them more "well ventilated".  There was plenty of time amidst shelter building for other activities, among them playing cards, reading, and eating snacks.  Several motivated Scouts used fishing line to make fishing poles and fish in  “Lake” Gamlin!   After dinner, the Scouts headed out with map, clue sheet, and waypoint answer sheet for the Night orienteering.  Then it was time to gather around the “campfire”, made with a glowing water bottle and glow sticks from the Night-O for stories.
After breakfast the following morning, the Troop did a service project for the camp.  They worked around the pool, clearing a large area of Scotch Broom, and sorted piles of broom (burnable in the rainy season) from large tree branches, which are chippable.